Protecting kids in the social media and digital age

Kids and technology

Facebook, Twitter, Cellphones, Digital Cameras, Internet … With all this technology it becomes harder and harder to protect our kids. As a parent this has become of increasing interest and worry to me as my daughters grow up with all this technology. They are so proficient and can’t wait to get cellphones and set up social media accounts.

Lots of parents are totally ignorant of these technologies and have no idea how they work and the potential for misuse. My fellow bloggers who are also digitally inclined have a considerable advantage. My wife who is a total technophobe and who I have nicknamed “Analogue” often comments how I am so into social media etc “like a kid”, but I always tell her that she is lucky because at least one of us will understand these technologies and what the kids could be getting into.

We have discussed parental controls on our family computer, but I am of mixed feelings. The way I stand right now (which some will disagree) is that we don’t have these controls on the family pc. Why you ask? I think that there are so many places that they could come across inappropriate sites and information (especially from friends) but at least if it happens in my house I am right there to explain and control the situation. Is this the best way to deal with potential issues? I don’t know, but this is what I have chosen so far. Parenting is not easy, especially today.

At CBC we produced an amazing eye opening documentary that all parents should watch, disturbing, yes, especially because of the ages of the kids, but important to watch nevertheless. Kids are growing up so fast these days, much faster than when I was that age. A lot of this is due to technology and social media. The documentary “Sext Up Kids” by CBC is included below from YouTube. Hopefully my readers will find the documentary helpful, I know I did.

Kids online

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