Coachella 2013 … the annual guys trip!

Coachella (2013) 042

For our annual guys weekend away, this year we decided to go to Coachella Valley Music Festival in Palm Springs, California – and it was hot, hot, hot, it reached 107 degrees Farenheit! This place was incredible, I don’t know how many people went but I would guess at over 80,000 and the place was organized so well. There must have been over 60 bands playing over the 3 days with a very diverse range of music from EDM to rock, hip hop and rap. There really was something for everybody.

We didn’t see too many stars, but did discover several new bands that I liked – The XX, Hot Chips, Passion Pit. There really was not enough time to see all the bands that I wanted to as we decided to move at a decent pace and not rush the trip. Some other great performances were by The Lumineers, 2 Chainz, Wu-Tang Clan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, OMD.

What was really nice was the fact that people all came to one place for the similar love of music and to enjoy themselves, and perhaps discover and be exposed to new bands. We met many individuals, all very friendly and nice, which gave me faith in this world. So many terrible things happen, and there are so many terrible people, but it so great when you can collect so many good and happy people in one place all because of music.

Music is the universal language of love and happiness.

I have added another larger panoramic photo below of the view of the main stage. The site of everybody listening to the main stage on the left was amazing. Dancing, standing and moving to the tunes, or just taking it easy and sitting down relaxing with music in the background.

Coachella (2013) 047

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