Love and support at your worst …

Seen Your Worst Think The BestSeen Your Worst Think The Best 2

It is so easy for people to love you at your best, but what happens when they see you at your worst? This is bound to happen eventually, even if it takes years, and if it does take years, then what? One can only hope that you get the support needed, but you never know – this is when true colours are shown.

On the flip side, it is quite something when you meet people and you are currently at your worst, and despite that they still respect you and think highly of you – now those are great friends who see you for who and what you are.

Needless to say, the right people will and should be there for you during worst times as well as the best.

I have experienced both …

Love You At Your WorstWorst Time of Life See true ColorsLuv For Who You Are

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